Say what?

Bishop Peter Lee of Virginia has astounded the world by saying to his diocesan convention that “heresy is better than schism.” His reasoning? Heresy is only “wrong opinion” (as opposed to wrong belief, I guess).

What astounds me is not that he said something so foolish. It is that he said something, well, so . . . stupid.

Let’s think about this. If you define heresy as “wrong opinion,” then to say that heresy is better than schism is circular nonense.

After all, if you say, “I always lie,” the follow that up with “I’m lying,” then the second statement must be true, or false, or true, or false, or . . . you get the idea.

So, if heresy is “wrong opinion,” then if I say “schism is better than heresy,” Peter Lee would presumably reply, “that opinion is wrong,” which would mean that I am a heretic, which would mean that I am better than a schismatic, which would mean . . . you get the idea. The statement refutes itself and is logically meaningless.

Of such people are bishops made? This just goes to show how, in their efforts to square the circle, the leadership of ECUSA is tying itself in knots.


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