Adamant for drift

From the Pastoral Letter of the Bishop of Georgia:

I served on the Special Committee on the “Episcopal Church and the Anglican Communion.” I have read all of the Windsor Report a number of times! I have heard hours and hours of arguments and discussion of its meaning on disputed points. I believe the General Convention answered the way Windsor asked us to if we wish to walk together, except, as Bishop Howard, a lawyer, states, we strengthened the scope of what we asked standing committees and bishops to honor.

I have worked with Bishop Katherine Jefferts-Schori and I look forward to her ministry as Presiding Bishop. She is very thoughtful, highly educated, and listens carefully to the person speaking to her. She is a pastor! She has excellent leadership qualities. (Incidentally, Bishop Jefferts-Schori visited Christ the King in our diocese when her daughter, an Air Force Pilot, was stationed at Mood A.F.B. and attended that parish.)

She is liberal in the sense she believes women can be ordained and that monogamous homosexuals should be eligible for ordination if they meet the other qualifications. I think the majority of deputies elected by our dioceses favor the ordination of monogamous homosexuals, as do a majority of voting bishops (retired and active). I think I am in the minority. Different from some friends – whom I respect – I believe that what Jesus said about not dividing his Body, the Church, outweighs my personal interpretation of the text on sexual morality.


Henry I. Louttit, Bishop of Georgia

From Winston Churchill:

They are decided only to be undecided, resolved to be irresolute, adamant for drift, solid for fluidity, all-powerful to be impotent.


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