Ode to Binky, Mike, and CaNN

Dear reader,

It must now be recognized that this is the new, permanent home of Rather Not Blog (formerly RatherNotBlog)—so you can change your bookmark for good. I have thus begun the process of restoring such older posts as I can to this address. This will take some time and will not be complete. First, not all of my old posts are available from such sites as the WayBackMachine, though a great many are. Second, comments posted to those old posts have been lost in the process. Both of these losses sadden me, but for the time being there is nothing I can do about it.

I continue to hope that Mike the Tech Elf of CaNN can restore access to the archives and thus all of my old postings and their related comments. It is to Mike, Binky and the good people of CaNN that I owe this blog in the first place. They offered me free space and free rein, for which I shall be eternally grateful. So we should all pause a moment and say a prayer, both of thanksgiving and of support, for Mike, Binky and all CaNN elves—I mean, they were the ones who invented the whole idea of “webelves” in the first place!

For a long time, those who sought real Anglicanism on the internet were, for the most part, confined to the ill-humored, occasionally paranoid and compositionally-challenged David Virtue, although his pioneering work in this area cannot be denied and is something for which, at the end of the day, we should be thankful. But on the second day, God created CaNN, which gave us such luminous blogs as Pontifications, the Confessing Reader, Brad Drell, Lent & Beyond, the AAC blog, as well as CaNN’s own news round-ups (which continues) and a host of other blogs and services. For a while, they even hosted the redoubtable Kendall Harmon of TitusOneNine. All of us owe them more than we can ever repay.

For now, the torch seems to have been passed to StandFirm and TitusOneNine (on StandFirm’s server) as the best websites for news and commentary. But since I began this blog almost four years ago, the Anglican blogosphere has become a much larger and more diverse place. This has its downside—it is possible for the cyberbabble of so many to send the occasional seeker, or even the dedicated infoholic, heading for the nearest exit ramp on the information superhighway. But on the whole this is a good thing. I have enjoyed getting to know so many, both through my own blog and those of others (even if a lot of them do vote Republican or belong to the Red Sox Nation). And I owe this to CaNN.

I am proud to say that I was (I think?) CaNN’s first blog, followed shortly by the now sorely-missed Pontifications, after which others climbed aboard. I hope we former CaNNanites can retain a sense of community stemming from our origins—someday there should be big party for all of us (unless CaNN’s idea of a good time is a weekend in Manitoba).

So, all hail Mike! All hail Binky! May the Empire of CaNN rise again! In the meantime, I’ll struggle on. This story is just beginning to get interesting . . .


One Response to “Ode to Binky, Mike, and CaNN”

  1. confessingreader Says:

    Amen and amen, Professor.

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