Brief note: so what happened?

Still recovering from Christmas . . . and classes start Monday. However, for those who are still wondering whatever happened to the old CaNN site and related blogs (including this one), see here. Somewhere, Voldemort is laughing . . .


2 Responses to “Brief note: so what happened?”

  1. binky Says:

    Actually, we’re trying to rehabilitate it. We got taken out, and somebody snatched the address. There’s a world of info there for this Info-War.


  2. Katherine Says:

    Fr. Binks, I’ve read the story of the hacking. If these people can be identified, I hope you will file a police complaint, and I hope you will publish whatever verified information you get.

    You and Mike and the others involved have done a great service. I’ve read your stuff for years, and appreciate your efforts.

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