A Lenten Pause

Lent came early this year, and as far as I’m concerned, not a moment too soon. Lent, of course, is a season of struggle, or what I like to call asceticism for every man. But it is also a season of rest, of focus on our interior, rather than exterior, demons.

I have been feeling a certain spiritual lassitude of late, what they used to call accidie. This has been brought on by several factors, only some of which I can identify. Some of them are spiritual, others more mundane. The pressures of work are high at the moment, for example. The last straw was the return of my annual cold, arriving in February just when I thought I would escape this year. I need a break, both physically and spiritually, in order to concentrate on what is truly important.

To that end, I am suspending any personal compositions for this Lent until Holy Week. Lent is a good time to hit the spiritual reset button. I hope to share with any visitors some of the reading I will be doing for Lent; right now I’m working on Zizioulas’ Eucharist, Bishop, Church, and I’m casting an eye towards Jeremy Taylor after that. We’ll see. So keep checking back and perhaps leave a comment—it’s always nice to know that someone out there is visiting—but with so much going on (Lambeth, GAFCON, CCP, etc.), I find that now is the time for reflection rather than hasty composition. I will resume posting my own thoughts on or about Palm Sunday.


3 Responses to “A Lenten Pause”

  1. alfonso c. Says:

    Peace be with you. I always enjoy your posts here and comments elsewhere.

  2. Katherine Says:

    Just stopping by. A good Lent and recovery to you.

    Perhaps it’s just as well you are taking a break, as the irritation of writing something about the Archbishop of Canterbury’s latest adventures might do you in.

  3. Allen Lewis Says:

    Have a blessed and holy Lent, IRNS! Will be checking back from time to time.

    May your cold be vanquished and your sould refreshed during this season!


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