“The lover of truth needs energy of soul”

And though all men have the same faculty of judgement, some find their grounds for belief in following the dictates of reason, while others surrendur themselves to pleasure and wrest the Scripture to suit their desires. But, methinks, the lover of truth needs energy of soul; for they who set themselves to the greatest tasks must meet the greatest disasters, unless they have received the canon of the truth from the truth itself. And such persons, having fallen away from the right path, generally go wrong in particulars also, as might be expected, because they have no criterion of truth and falsehood accurately trained to make the right choice. Otherwise they would have believed the divine Scriptures.

As if, then, one were to become a beast instead of a man, like those who were changed by Circe’s drugs, so is it with him who has spurned the tradition of the Church and has suddenly taken up with the fancies of human sects; he has lost the character of a man of God, and of enduring trust in the Lord. But he who has returned from this deceit, after hearing the Scriptures, and has turned his life to the truth, such an one becomes in the end as it were a god instead of a man.

Clement of Alexandria, Miscellanies 7.94-95 (c. 200 AD)


One Response to ““The lover of truth needs energy of soul””

  1. Alice C. Linsley Says:

    A marvelous quote. As fresh and relevant today as when he wrote it.

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