“They oppose divine tradition to establish their heresy”

For there are some who absolutely refuse to give ear to those who urge them to seek the truth: aye, and they aim at smartness, pouring out blasphemous words against the truth, while they credit themselves with the possession of the highest knowledge, though they have not learnt or sought or laboured or discovered the harmony of truth—men who excite our pity rather than our hate for such perverseness. But if anyone is still curable, able to endure the plain-speaking of the truth, when it burns and cuts away their false opinions, like the cautery or the knife, let him lend an attentive ear. And this will be so unless, in their slothfulness, they thrust away the truth, or through ambition press after novelties. For those are slothful who, having it in their power to provide the fitting proofs for the Divine Scriptures from the Scriptures themselves, nevertheless select what is exclusively favourable to their own pleasures; and those are ambitious who, of set purpose, explain away by other spurious arguments the beliefs wich attach to the inspired words, beliefs handed down by the blessed apostles and teachers, and thus oppose divine tradition with human doctrines in order to establish their heresy.

St. Clement of Alexandria, Miscellanies 7.103 (c. 200 AD)


One Response to ““They oppose divine tradition to establish their heresy””

  1. Fr Greg Crosthwait Says:

    Thanks for the post. I’ve never before thought of the toxic combination of sloth and ambition. Though it so often looks back at me in the mirror, I should recognize it . . . and repent.

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