Why I am Not a Protestant II

(I am keenly aware of my neglect of this blog of late. I hope at some point to write why—indeed, one of the reasons I put off posting was because I kept pondering how I would answer that question. For the time being, however, I am going to continue to go through my notes, clearing off my desk and cleaning out my files.)

Scripture is, as I have written previously, the legible sacrament—but like all sacraments, it only has effect or meaning within the sacred community. Baptism means entrance into that community. Eucharist means sustenance within that community. Scripture means instruction within, or the common memory of, that community. It is indeed the ‘norming norm’, but only insofar as it itself has been normed by the Spirit of God that resides within the sacred community, the Body of Christ as a whole. We don’t call that ‘catholic’ for nothing.


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